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Advanced AI Prompt Engineering Masterclass

Are you tired of subpar ChatGPT prompts that yield unsatisfactory results? In computer science, there’s a saying: “garbage in, garbage out.” This masterclass is designed to provide you with advanced prompting techniques, ensuring your interactions with generative AI are truly impressive. Do you want to become an AI power user who interacts ultra-efficiently with artificial intelligence? Join us for this transformative course.

Why This Course Matters

Generative AI is rapidly becoming an essential tool across numerous industries. The ability to interact efficiently with AI can completely transform the way we work and innovate.

A well-crafted prompt is the difference between a mediocre result and an exceptional one. Ineffective prompts are why ChatGPT fails, provides erroneous information, and generates those amusing results that go viral on the internet.

Generative AI has fundamentally changed the way many businesses operate. Companies that quickly learn how to leverage generative AI maintain their competitive edge.

This course provides you with the advanced knowledge needed to streamline your work like never before and stay relevant in a rapidly evolving market.

What's In It For You

Industries That Benefit Most From The Course

Your Trainer

Horia Neagu

Consultant & Formator acreditat

Horia Neagu is the founder of Napoleon.Digital, an agency specializing in SEO and Digital Marketing. As an accredited consultant and trainer with over 17 years of experience in Digital Marketing, Horia has been a power user of major generative AI tools since their inception. He has assisted various companies, from startups to corporations, in integrating AI into their workflows to streamline processes effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is designed for professionals in creative industries (marketing, advertising, PR), multinational companies, technology firms, recruitment specialists, journalists, and any professionals looking to enhance their skills in using generative artificial intelligence.

No, the course is designed to be accessible to both beginners and experienced individuals in AI. We will cover all necessary concepts, from fundamental principles to advanced techniques, in a friendly and easy-to-follow manner, regardless of your familiarity with the technology.

You only need a laptop or PC with an internet connection. While it’s possible to participate via phone, we recommend using a computer because there will be practical AI prompting exercises.

The course is 100% practical, built on concrete methods and real-world examples. It will include interactive sessions with exercises and case studies, allowing you to immediately apply what you learn and receive direct feedback from the instructor.

Yes, the course is designed to provide advanced techniques and in-depth knowledge, even for those who already have experience with AI. You will learn new and innovative methods that will significantly enhance your skills in working with generative AI.

Enrollment Details

$ 400
(price per person)
  • Exclusive On-Demand Course
  • Course Duration: 6 hours
  • Available Seats: Dependent on company needs
  • Location: Online
  • You will have a hands-on learning experience with concrete techniques, practical exercises, and real-life examples.
  • You will learn advanced AI prompt engineering techniques that are not available in other courses, ensuring you achieve impressive results with generative AI.
  • The course is relevant to a wide range of industries and verticals, allowing you to apply the knowledge in various professional contexts or for personal projects.
  • You will benefit from cutting-edge information and techniques derived from a fundamental understanding of AI prompting. These skills will give you a long-term competitive advantage in a rapidly changing market.
  • The course includes a module on the most common mistakes in AI prompting and methods to avoid them, aimed at streamlining your work with AI.

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Exclusive On-Demand Course
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